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Greetings friends from India, Philippines, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Sweden, and all the countries of the world. Welcome to the Inspirational Christian Connection! In our Main Menu down below you will find inspirational spiritual refreshment and enlightenment, read short Christian inspiring stories with Biblical morals, encouraging writings, and laugh at bible humor and humorous Christian writings. You can find answers to questions that are troubling you and learn more about Jesus and the Christian faith. Whether you are a home maker or mother, a high school or university student, retired or working, young or not so young, relax for a moment and take a break from your busy day in the pages of our inspirational web site.

Our inspiring Christian stories or an encouragement story will warm your heart, touch your soul, stir your spirit, or give you food for thought with interesting, short encouragement writings.

Humorous writings will brighten your day with a smile as you read, Bible humor stories, humorous Christian stories, Christian humor, Funny Stories, amusing church bloopers, funny children's comments, short funny religious writings, amusing children's sayings and funny religious stories.

Check out our inspiring Thoughts For The Day for an uplifting proverb, a thought for the day, reflective one-liners, inspirational and thought provoking contemporary proverbs, and inspirational Thoughts For The Day.

Encouraging Christian Bible Stories with Biblical morals will inspire your thoughts today with uplifting scriptures and inspired writing from the Holy Bible.

The article, "CAN JESUS REALLY SAVE ME FOR ALL ETERNITY?", addresses some very important questions about Jesus Christ and what He has done for you, and what He will do for you when you follow Him. Who is Jesus? Why do you need Him? What can He really do for you? See how you can be saved and be in the The Kingdom Of Heaven for all eternity. Would you like to live forever in a perfect paradise? Find out this wonderful reason why you should become a Christian and all the blessings and benefits to following Jesus Christ. Read this articles below to find out...."Why Jesus".

Many people have spiritual beliefs based on things the Bible never actually said. Learn what the Bible has never said yet is believed by many followers of Jesus, then see the scriptures that plainly show what is actually in the Word of God. Do you know which day you should rest from your labors? Is it Sunday or is it the Sabbath? How about Christmas and Easter? Should we celebrate them? Visit our sister site "The Encouraging Christian Connection" to learn more about these things and other common beliefs that may not actually be taught in the Bible.

It is our mission to share hope, inspiration and good news, bringing the message of God's love to all people throughout the world! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to tell your friends about this site.

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The following are web sites affiliated with Gateway To Jesus Ministries. You can find additional inspirational and encouraging material and information about Christianity and how to be saved by Jesus Christ. Use your browsers back button to return here.
Why Should I Believe Jesus Is God And Be A Christian?

Can Jesus Actually Keep Me Out Of Hell?

Can Jesus Really Save Me For All Eternity?

Visit The Encouraging Christian Connection
for more inspirational material and challenging studies.


The following are offered for those wanting to know more about God's coming judgment,
and to learn the truth about some Church teachings that conflict with what the Bible actually says!


Are Catastrophic Disasters And Disease In America Warnings Signs Of Judgment From God For The United States And Perhaps The Entire World?

God's Judgment On America Website

For Daily Updates about Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Wildfires, Floods, and Disease Pandemics visit and LIKE this Facebook Group.
Below is a small sample of what you can see every day.

God's Judgment Is On America


Learn What The Bible Actually And Plainly Says About Going To Heaven When We Die, Which Day to Rest and Worship,
Celebrating Christmas and Easter, And The Pre-Tribulation Rapture.

What The Bible Really Says

Learn About All The Things That Many People Believe But Are Not Actually In The Bible,
Things That Many People Believe But Are Not Actually What Good Says.

Things Jesus And The Bible Never Said
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